wp_aboutKulin and Mina Desai both grew up in India. Kulin came to the U.S. in 1977 with a degree in pharmacy, but ended up in the banking industry, finding work at Citibank in New York. In 1980, he married Mina, who had been educated as an economist, and brought her to the U.S.

Kulin continued his studies in the U.S. and in 1984 obtained his MBA from Long Island University in New York. He eventually worked his way up to Vice President of Data Processing at Citibank. Kulin and Mina had achieved what they thought was the America dream: good careers and plenty of money to spend. However, despite putting in 80-hour work weeks, Kulin still had little job security and no opportunity for further advancement, and found little time to spend with Mina or their children Kavan and Mona.

In 1989 Kulin’s friend, a former coworker, introduced them to an opportunity to start their own business. Mina was very excited about this opportunity. Her dream was to ultimately be at home to raise their children, and she realized that working in their own business would give her a flexible schedule that would allow her time with her kids. They knew their marketing business was the ticket to a better life, with more choices and more control. And it supported the values that they had grown up with in India, where the husband and wife work together and spend time with their children. So they focused their time and energy on making their business a success.

Today living in Manalapan, New Jersey, Kulin and Mina are full-time parents and enjoy a life that is much more satisfying to them. No longer having to scramble up the corporate ladder, the Desais have achieved continuing success in their thriving business. They also give their time and energy to support worthwhile charities, and  actively support Easter Seals and the U.S. Dream Academy. Both of these organizations have developed dynamic programs to meet the needs of children and returning veterans.

Kulin and Mina Desai truly understand the value of helping others, and have made it a priority in their lives and mission to help as many people as they can. They wholeheartedly believe that everyone has within them the ability to accomplish whatever they want to accomplish, and that they only need will in order to succeed.